Why Is Recycling Important For Kids

Why Is Recycling Important For Kids

What is recycling?

Recycling is one of the three R’s; Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. It means that first, we must not buy what we do not need; hence reduce.

Then whenever it is possible, we must reuse the item so that we do not need to buy a new one. Finally, by recycling we have to turn the used item into another or the same item again, so that we can use it again afresh.

Why recycle?

Think about what you throw away at home. It must have some bio-degradable portion – mostly left over foods. And what about the rest? The rest must be plastics, glass, metal, clothes and paper.

Surely the food items will regrade and be soil at some point. But what about others? You may not know, but metals stay for some 100 years, some plastics for 500 years and glass for almost forever without degrading!

They end up leaking toxic chemicals and getting eaten by innocent animals suffocating them to death! As well, it takes a whole lot of resources and environment polluting technologies to produce them too.

You may be thinking, “Well, I am just throwing away this bottle. What harm can it do?’. But, if each and every person on earth – which is 7.5 billion people – throw away one bottle each as waste, imagine how much of garbage it would be. And it is not just one bottle, right? We throw away a whole lot more.

So, isn’t it great if we can reduce, reuse and recycle the waste we throw away and use it again?

This will happen everywhere if we didn’t recycle

How to recycle?

Out of the components in the garbage you throw away mentioned above, all the papers and some types of plastics, glass, metal and clothes can be and should be recycled.

So, next time when you take the garbage out, be mindful to separate these items and give them to a recycling agent. So that he/she can easily recycle them.

Ask him/her what they cannot recycle and surely, they will let you know the certain types of plastics and glass they cannot recycle. Next time you go shopping, you can keep an eye on what type of plastic or glass you are buying and avoid it if it is not recyclable.

Kids Learning How Important It is to recycle.
Kids Learning How Important It is to recycle.

Why Is Recycling Important For Kids

Reading all this, you must be thinking “Isn’t this all grown up’s stuff? We do not have to do these. We are kids!”. Well, yes. You are kids.

But you will be adults someday. There is a whole lot of adults that do not understand and do not want to understand the importance of recycling. So, they just throw away their waste without recycling. Because of their irresponsible deeds, it is your future they are destroying.

So, if you kids are recycling, it will set an example for those irresponsible people and also help your generation and the generations to come to practice recycling as a whole. The future you present your kids will be much pleasant.

So you know right now, – Why Is Recycling Important For Kids.

So dear kids, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!!! After all, it is YOUR FUTURE! and You can start by learning how to go plastic-free in the kitchen.